Be sure we can be your good partner.

If you want to do your business safely,we recomend you to make your list in which tell us your request.
We want to know which car or parts and the amount and the type. It is no matter what the amount is many.
We try our best for your demands as much as we can.
We recomand you that your payment is better FOB(Free On Board) than C&I(Cost&Insurance), C&F(Cost&Freight), CIF(Cost, Insurance and Freght) We require balance of payment by TT(Telegraphic Transfer) or LC.

STEP1, your request
your request At first, you tell us which parts or cars and the conditions and how many units you want.
Don't foreget your name,address and E-mail and so on. You have to make decision the way to ship Roll on/Roll off(RO/RO) vessel or container vessel and the way to pay like FOB(Free On Board), C&I(Cost & Insurance), C&F(Cost & Freght), CIF(Cost,Insuranse and Freght).

STEP2, comfirmation of prices and service
We tell you the prices, the conditions and time we need to prepare for it and other terms.

STEP3, comfirmation of your payment
comfirmation of your payment After your agreement our price and services mainly,you have to make decision the way to pay.
If you want to pay by LC, then contact with us.
We need that you use TT(Telegraphic Transfer) to cofirm your balance of your payment.
After we confirm LC or your all payment,we prepare to ship your cars and so on.

STEP4, shipping
shipping We start to ship as your request.
We send the BL and other documents required after shipping proceder.
We inform you the shipping list and other terms you need by Fax or E-mail.

You can use Telephone, fax or E-mail to make contact with us.
It is more reliable to use E-mail or Fax to comfirm your requests.
we respond imideatrly after your request.